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Jenna Caine Voice Actress

Jenna Caine is an American Voice Actor, Streamer, and Professional Content Creator. She is originally from New York, Florida, and now resides in Orlando, Florida.

She fell in love with Theater and Voice Over as a child. Growing up, Jenna spent much of her time practicing voices and accents that she heard on television and in video games. Thankfully her parents did not question why she changed her voice multiple times a day, and instead decided to enrolled her in theater classes in school.

Jenna went on to attend professional theater classes and was cast in multiple roles all the way through college. Her experienced ranged from classic musicals through Shakespeare.

In additional to Voice Over, Jenna enjoys crafting, sword-fighting, archery, and kickboxing. Most of her spare time is spent spoiling her sassy little dwarf bunny Chi Chi, who has yet to express an interest in voice acting.

Upcoming Projects

  • Upcoming Video Game (TBA)

  • Taffy the Pink Hippopotamus for ARG Cartoon Animation Studio

  • VO on Twisted Tales of Madness Podcast

  • Ereshkigal & Altacoya in  Mobile Fighting Game 

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